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«Homecoming» una poesía para aprender inglés

Quiero compartir la poesía «Homecoming» (una poesía para aprender inglés) para los amantes de la lengua inglesa. Creo que el autor es la poeta y profesora de inglés Martha Collins, pero no estoy seguro. Si alguno de ustedes conocen el autor, por favor escribir el nombre en los comentarios. Gracias.


So you’re home from the wars,

or at least a summer

facsimile of them.

You are welcome, but

please don’t rush.

There are some things

to be seen.

First, you’ll notice

these guests. You’ll call

them suitors, and be

mistaken: they’ve rìot cluttered

the hearth or changed

the order of things.

You’ll find the bed

in the same quite place,

neatly spread as before.

But you should know

I’ve grown accustomed

to sleeping in all

its spaces.

The sun-colored table

sits in the kitchen prepared

for the usual

feats, you’ll think.

But I am not quite ready

to serve your dinners,

to pour your wines.

I’d rather sit by the big

By window, the one saved

for special times.

There’s an extra chair,

but please be still,

For its here I’ve come

To reflect.

Perhaps you’ll resent

the uncommon manner

in which I’ve come

to posses our rooms.

But you can’t concieve

of the more extreme measures

I’ve thought of taking,

like pounding stakes

in the floor and streaching

rope to inform you

this or that is mine,

stamping my name

on favorite walls,

carving initials

on window sills,

or merely breathing

autograph spaces

on panes of grass

but of course

we’re bound

to share, it’s more

than a neat


of tables and chairs and beds.

And perhaps it’s as

simple as getting familiar,


the common places again.

But please


and try to find

your own space

where you can see behond

these ceilings and floors

and windows and wails.

It shouldn’t be hard:

you have been miles

away, after all,

while I have been

making myself at home.

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